How to Find Sources in the Hannon Library (Part 4)

The series continues . . .

1. Develop a list of search terms.
2. Develop a list of search sources.
3. Create a working bibliography.
4. Sort your sources.
5. “Mine” for Citations.
6. Create Final Bibliography.

4.Sort your sources. Make two piles of your sources cards: one for items the Hannon library owns, and one for items you must request from Summit or ILL. Once you have the two piles, order either the Summit or ILL items online. You should have the books you’ve ordered within two days. For the items the Hannon Library owns, I suggest you try to use them in the library. That way, when you run across a citation in one of the books, you can add it to your working bibliography and, if SOU has the book, you can deal with it immediately.

For citations that refer to journal articles, some may be available as “full text” online. These can usually be saved as PDF files and examined later. Some articles, though, you may have to pull the bound volumes in the SOU collection. In a few cases, you may need to use the ILL system to order an article. It could come to you as either a paper copy or as a PDF file via email.

The series continues with “How to Find Sources in the Hannon Library (Part ).”